Casino Classic Slots Online Canada

The Internet is revolutionizing how people choose to play slot games. When casino classic slots first became popular, they were available only in brick and mortar casinos. Nowadays, casino classic slots can be found just about anywhere, including online casino websites that accept players from all over the world.


Best Canadian Classic Casino Slots Online

You can find some of the best online classic slots on numerous casino sites. Regardless of a player's casino preferences, it is easy to find casino classic slots that are just what you want. 

Then, some casinos offer many casino classic slot options, so players can choose the casino classic slot type they like best. Let's take a look at some of the most played.

Three bar

True to its name, online casino classic slots with three bars are among the oldest casino classic slot types. These casino classic slots feature a single horizontal bar, three vertical bars, and an additional 3-bar symbol on each end of the horizontal line. 

Players win if they get matching symbols along with one of the lines on the reels. Players of all levels love three-bar casino classic slots due to their simplicity.


Ever wondered about casino classic slots with three sevens? In classic slot parlance, 777 casino classic slots have a special place. These casino classic slots have a bonus for players - they offer the best payout percentage in the casino classic slot world.

 777 casino classic slots were one of the first casino classic slot types to be introduced, explaining the origin of the 'Lucky number 7'.

Penny Slots

Penny slots are a type of casino slot where you can play for just one penny per spin. Modern-day versions allow players to enjoy slot games with smaller denominations. 

Many slots enthusiasts like penny classic slots because they are perfect for playing in between spins. 

Differences between Classic and Video Slots

In order to clarify classic slots even better, it is best to compare them with modern video slots. Classic slots differ greatly from video slots for several major reasons. The first one is the fact that all games of this type have very plain interface thanks to which they look old-fashioned and vintage. Contrary to classic slots, video slots feature advanced graphics, 3D visual effects, animated symbols and short entertaining videos as they are specially created to suit the needs of the modern generation.

These types of games are the attempt of the software providers to adapt to the fast-growing world and develop games that are in accordance with the modern technologies. Another major difference can be found in the number of paylines and reels that are involved in the gaming process. Classic slots usually feature three or five reels with a single payline, whereas video slots have at least five reels with up to 100 paylines. The symbols that are depicted on the reels are also not the same.

In classic slots, they are usually lemons, cherries, lucky sevens, bells, bars, diamonds and other iconic pictures. Whereas in video slots, these elements are different in almost every game and they greatly depend on the overall theme. Last but not least, you can tell apart both types by looking at the features they offer. Most video slot games include a wide range of features such as Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins, Mini Games, Wild symbols and others. On the other hand, classic slots are known for having a limited number of features as they resemble the original slot games which lacked these functionalities.

Free classic slots or real money slots

We know it sounds very profitable, and now you want to try these beautiful and exciting games. But you might not be encouraged by the idea of spending a little more of your cash trying these games. Here comes the important question, can I try these games for free without having to deposit any money? The answer is yes. There are a bunch of free classic slot games you can try online but let us tell you the difference between free and real money classic slots.

Free version: If you are a new gambler or want to try some new casino sites, then free classic slots are the perfect option for you. To explore, try, and learn everything you need to know about casino classic slots without risking any money. But this version is a bit limited in games and features, so do not waste a lot of time playing it; otherwise, it will start to become boring.

Real money version: This is the real deal. No professional gambler will play for free if he knows the rules of the game. Playing classic casino slots or mobile slots with real money brings you the real excitement and joy of slot games. So, if you already know the rules and feel comfortable with the game, make a deposit and try your luck. In addition to all the fun you, playing with real money, gives you access to all features and gives you extra loyalty points from the casino site itself.